Solution for unemployment?   no comments

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The job loss in America has been steady and bad. Many of us have solved this unemployment problem by starting an online business, it works. The first item that’s required is a business plan. It should contain a statement of purpose, a clearly stated mission statement, a market survey with demographics and buying habits of potential customers, and a resource list. This is a minimum for beginners. The resource list will include a computer with high speed internet access, appropriate software, a website and hosting and escort SEO. Marketing the website and its content are essential to success. Getting the website to the highest point on a search is the goal of internet marketing if customer’s can’t find you they won’t buy. Search engine optimization is a critical element in the business plan for the new online business and a wise investment with high ROI and page rankings.

Written by William on March 14th, 2015

Cut Pain Medications In Half   no comments

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My physician recommended that I hire some Derby escorts to help me cope with my lower back pain. I hurt my back at work lifting heavy boxes and have been off work for almost a year. The doctor told me that if I get a massage that it will help to enhance the muscle repair process. I currently am going to the office twice a month for 60 minute sessions at a time and it seems to be working very well for me.

I’ve been going for about six months now, I have been able to cut my pain medications almost in half. I am actually starting to be able to move and get around more, little by little. My goal is to get back to work within the next month so that I can get my finances back on track.

Written by William on February 15th, 2015

Satisfaction   no comments

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I am a propane attendant at my families owned and operated business, which has been functioning for over 65 years. Most of the men in the family get pushed into this job and for some reason I am the only one that does not like it. I work the craziest schedules and sometimes up to 70 hours per week! In the past, I have applied for several different jobs and my father will not approve of any of them. He keeps telling me that as long as I live under his roof that he can control my life. Every single time that I meet a lady she never sticks around because I am not around. I have endless amounts of money and no time to spend it and I have no bills. When I am the only one at work late at night, I call the Leeds escort agency to send me a woman on over to me, that is the only satisfaction that I ever see!

Written by William on February 3rd, 2015

Another Power Trip   no comments

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Today is going to be the day where I quit my job. I have been wanting to quit for some time now because my boss has been cutting my hours and cracking down in areas where he shouldn’t. It is like he has gone on a huge power trip and he plans in crushing anyone who stands in his way. I got offered a job at my friends work at independent Newcastle escort where they will pay more and provide me with more hours. Not only are those things beneficial but so aren’t the amazing people that fill the building. Everyone is caring, fun, and laid back which is a huge change from what I am use to. Everyone at my work hates their job and you can clearly tell with their attitude towards anyone walking through the door. It is pitiful.

Written by William on January 22nd, 2015

Hot Day At The Splash Park   no comments

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I took my three year old daughter to the normal place that we always visit on a hot and sunny day, the splash park. We live in a small two bedroom apartment so there is not too much for her to do because we don’t even have a backyard. I packed us a lunch in the cooler and grabbed two lawn chairs to sit it because sometimes it gets overcrowded on the weekends.

She was playing for hours and it was so hot that I could not stand it anymore. When we were getting packed up and ready to leave a woman sat down right where we were at with her little boy. So both the children starting playing and took off back to the splash pad. Immediately this woman started flirting with me and ever since then we have been going out on regular dates. I really am starting to like her but I do not like the fact that she is a Newcastle escorts companion.

Written by William on January 5th, 2015